Math Growing Up

About this Course

Age: All Ages
Activities: Fun Math
Available Seats: 6
Course Type: Basic
Price: Included in Plan

Course Features

Is never too soon, is never too late. Mathematics can and should be part of children’s everyday experiences and activities. Early mathematics learning provides the skills and concepts children need to become successful mathematical thinkers.

The physical environment has a powerful effect on children’s development and learning, our mathematical rich classroom includes a wide range of materials that encourage children to explore mathematics.

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We follow the five process skills of mathematics: 1) problem solving, 2) reasoning, 3) communicating, 4) connecting, and 5) representing; promoting children’s acquisition of each skill.

Growing patterns are important as children’s algebraic thinking matures. Many rhymes and songs used in early childhood are examples of growing patterns. The study of patterns and change are exciting topics for young children and can be strong motivation for discovery and creative thinking. Algebraic concepts are key to a good basic understanding of mathematics.

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