Physical Growing Up

About this Course

Age: Any Age
Activities: Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Available Seats: 6
Course Type: Curriculum Activity
Price: Included in Plan

Course Features

Physical development includes children’s gross motor or large muscle and fine motor or small muscle skills. These two progresses predictably, from simple to complex as they gain control of their bodies.

Trained adult guidance can help children learn to perform skills more successfully for example moving through space from one place to another, balancing, gross motor manipulative skills, fine motor strength and coordination.

Time Split


We provide activities for children to practice their gross motor skill like pulling, climbing, kicking throwing, running, jumping. As well as their fine motor skills like writing, painting drawing, cutting. Having fun!

Children learn motor skills primarily through exploration and discovery. They need a combination of unstructured play and appropriate planned movement experiences under adult guidance.

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