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Languange & Literacy Growing Up | Growing Up with Nery

Languange & Literacy Growing Up

About this Course

Age: All Ages
Activities: Language, Literacy
Available Seats: 6
Course Type: Basic
Price: Included in Price
9899313 - little girl reading  pile of books. isolated.

Course Features

Language and Literacy learning depends upon more than teaching the ABCs. These are tools for thinking and communicating. As tools, children are motivated to become readers and writers, and they learn about the features, forms, and functions of written and spoken language.

Literacy learnings is based on continues interactions with knowledgeable adults, in this sense, we integrate oral and written languages experiences into the program. We recognize that purposeful, productive, high-level play is an essential part of children’s learning.

Time Split


We maximize children’s learning during play by thoughtfully observing children, reflecting on what children’s are doing and planning ways to guide and extend learning.

In order to observe children effectively and to assess and evaluate their development and learning we carefully choose which strategy and activities best support the literacy and development of a particular children or group of children.

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